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      Leather Hardcover

      Leather Hardcover

      Product Description

      For those extra special moments. Our leather covers (which can be silver or gold foil embossed on the front) will make your unique photobook even more special. Perfect to use as a wedding album that you can bring out time and time again without worrying that the printed photos will fade or be damaged. We will use high quality paper to make sure that your photos last as a reminder of memories to cherish forever. Choose from a variety of finishing options and add more pages (if you need them).

      Product Info:
      Cover: Genuine leather stretched over board
      Inside Pages: 170gsm
      Additional: Option to add UV gloss vanish
      Price includes cover with 20 pages, Additional pages available

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      A4 Landscape R 1 299.00
      300mm x 300mm R 1 989.00
      A3 Landscape R 2 039.00

      Contact Details

      Skype: photo2print
        WhatsApp: 060 490 7185

      The Remata House,
      International Business
      Gateway Park
      Cnr New Rd & 6th Street
      Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

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